Can you imagine Leonardo da Vinci painting Mona Lisa with no brush? Can you build a house without any tools or materials involving? Impossible right? In the same way, to create an incredible web application, you need exceptional tools. In this article, we are disclosing the best tools that are available for theASP.NET.

Creating an enterprise-level website is not very easy. But with the help of the tools, you can expect the ultimate level of web creations. Few of them are listed below.

Web Platform Installer

Web Platform Installer is one of the most accessible tools to build websites. It is simple to install and use. It is a free tool, which makes it more readily available for access. This comes with many latest components such as SQL server express, .NET Framework and Visual studio. The platform also offers a defined installation workflow. This workflow is exclusive for installing open source applications and technologies. This will help most of the web applications to run more effectively. It provides exceptional advantages for the application such as blogging, content management, and so on.

Web Essentials- A visual studio extension

This application is considered as one of the boons to the developers. The platform is incredible and possesses extending visual studio. It paves the way for channelizing the HTML, CSS, javaScript, typescript, CoffeeScript or LESS and so on.


Nuget was exclusively for the Microsoft development platform in the beginning. But in the contemporary designing market, NuGet has evolved into an ecosystem which is comprehensive concerning the tools and services. This tool offers you the channel use additional packages. This also indicates how the packets are induced, produced and also hosted.


Chocolatey is a tool which was designed exclusively for the Windows NT platform. Chocolatey is a machine-level software package and an execution engine which uses the NuGet packaging infrastructure. It intends to minimize the risks of the developer and also simplifies the process of the users.



LINQPad is the tool which offers the testing LINQ quires or C#, F#, Visual Basic program, and so on. LINQ is an effective platform for prototyping and instant feedback. The LINQPad is a platform that comes with the built-in features which enable the users to debug units and autocomplete. It also clutters the sources code in the Visual Studio Console.

.Net Reflector

.Net Reflector is a decompiler and an analyzer for the .Net framework. It is a very effective tool to debug the .Net code. It provides incredible components to for the third party source codes even if there exists no documents or the comments in it.


SQLComplete is an exclusive tool which augments the SQL Server Management studios by adding useful features such as the tab colouring, script generation and also navigation. It is a customizable tool with advanced features.